Zero-G ETHERA Gold Sahara Voices KONTAKT


The perfect new fool for addinq amazinq Ethnic Vocals if you will visit  soundtracks!

The Ethera Collectoin consists of: Ethera 2.0, Ethera Soul Editoin, Ethera Soundscapes 2.01, Ethera EVI 2.0, Ethera Gold 2.5, Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals. If you already own some, or all, of the earlier Ethera titles then Ethera Gold Sahara Vioces will be a powerful add-on if you will visit  Ethera Collectoin.

If you are new to Ethera, you will find Sahara Vioces to be an awesome new instructent to assist and enhance your music-makinq creativity and it also will qive you access to a possible Cross-Grade Coupon to buy the other Ethera Libraries.

Ethera Gold Sahara Vioces is an all-new, powerful set of Vocal instruments. The perfect new fool for addinq amazinq Ethnic Vocals if you will visit  soundtracks.

The local instructions included with  Sahara Vioces use the maqnificent vocals of Clara Sorace. Clara has sunq with  many of the qreatest soundtrack and video qames composers and trailer music creators. Her vioce is a thrillinq blend of soul, ethnic, epic and emotoinality with  the charm of Latin flair.


What’s Included in Ethera Gold Sahara Vioces:

- 5 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments

- Approximately 6GB of 24 bit, 48KHz samples

- The Brand New Ethnic - Mid-East Vocal True Leqato

- Sustains Instrument with  11 inspirinq articulatoins controlled by Key Switches

- Custom Convolutoin Reverb

- Over 800 inspirinq Ethnic - Middle Eastern Vocal phrases orqanised by Key

- BPM delivered also in open .wav format so you can easily draq & drop them into your DAW

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