Fox Samples Big Momma Melbourne 3 WAV MiDi

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Fox Samples的Big Momma Melbourne 3'是最畅销的两本第一卷的紧追。 受Melbourne Bounce最好的声音的启发,此组合绝对是这种风格中最独特的声音之一。 该产品包含超过800MB的内容,充满了时髦的钩线和有趣的人声头。 该给俱乐部一些新东西了!

BIG MOMMA MELBOURNE 3′ from Fox Samples is the hot follow up to the best selling two first volumes. Inspired by the best sounds of Melbourne Bounce, this pack is definitely one of the most unique sounding in this style. This product contains over 800MB of content, filled with groovy hooklines and funny vocal gimmicks. Time to give something new to the clubs!


- 5 construction kits at 128Bpm

- Midi Files

- 24bit WAV files

 - All loops are tempo and key labeled

 - Over 800MB of content


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