Audentity Ultimate Producer Construction Kits


Audentity返回了巨大的建筑套件包,其中包含11个惊人的新建筑套件,108个合成器预设,50个Midis,这是Beatport Sounds的首次:3个套件,从头到尾有3条完整的新曲目。


如果您是我们以前流行的音色库的粉丝,并且喜欢Hardwell,Vicetone,Botnek,W&W,Sander van Doorn,Showtek,Dimitri Vegas,NERVO和Sick Individuals等Progressive,Electro House和EDM音色,那么这家新的音色库是轻而易举地为您服务,因为这一次您可以动手使用真正的Wav文件/循环/茎杆和Midi文件,这些声音包括全新的滴滴声,高音,肮脏的主室低音,极端和最大的低音削减,旋律分解,预-2015沉重的鼓声和循环声等等。

所有的套件都有键和速度标记,并以24bit WAV文件作为主音轨提供。







做任何你想做的事情,因为这个包不仅为您提供了大量的灵感和新想法,而且还使您更仔细地了解了专业人士如何用完整的3首曲目制作完整曲目,从前奏,休息,高潮,掉落和结尾开始; 3个完整的记录唾手可得!

另一个新功能是,我们包括了该套件所有混音的母带版本和非母带版本,这应该为您提供一个学习方向,说明如果您对套件进行了掌握,声音听起来会如何。 (由音乐自由艺术家“ Tes Bastian”掌握)



Audentity is back with a HUGE Construction Kits Pack with 11 amazing new construction kits, 108 synth presets, 50 midis and for the very first time on Beatport Sounds: 3 kits with 3 complete new tracks,from start to finish.

This is the sound bank you have been waiting for,all the newest primetime,fresh Electronic Dance Music sounds you need to create your next dance floor smash.

If you are a fan of our previous popular sound banks and into the Progressive,Electro House and EDM sounds of Hardwell,Vicetone,Botnek,W&W,Sander van Doorn, Showtek,Dimitri Vegas,NERVO and Sick Individuals etc ,then this new bank is a no-brainer for you,because this time you can get your hands on real Wav Files / Loops / Stems and Midi Files of brand-new Drop Sounds,Soaring Leads, Dirty Mainroom Basslines, extreme and maximal bass cuts, melodic breakdowns,pre-2015 heavy drums and loops and so much more.

All of the kits are key and tempo labelled and are delivered as 24bit WAV files as stem tracks.
We also delivered most of the MIDIS and vst presets for the synths which were used to give you max. flexibilty.

Our 11 construction kits are made up of mixdowns of the idea and then all of the individual elements.

The drops for the most part contain a synth hook, buildup and drop.

For the very first time we also included 3 kits which are 3 complete tracks,from start to finish.

You can do whatever you like with them,all royalty free..

You may change parts of the track or release the whole track(s) just as they are.

Do whatever you like as this pack gives you not only a huge amount of inspiration and new ideas,but also a closer look how pro's make a whole track with 3 complete tracks,from the intro,the break,climax,drops and outro's; 3 complete records at your fingertips!

Another new feature is that we included mastered and unmastered versions of all mixdowns of the kits,which should give you a learning direction how it should sound if your kit is mastered. (mastered by Musical Freedom artist 'Team Bastian')

What is really special about this pack is that you can add all WAVS of a specific kit into your DAW and everything is ready to don't need to figure out anything,just drop the files and GO!

Of course you can mix and match whatever you like of all the different kits and you can use the included midis if you like to use your own sounds.

 you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.

Ultimate Producer Construction Kits contains:

* Over 5 GB content in total
* 11 Construction Kits in total
* 3 Complete tracks delivered as construction kits with separate outtakes,stems and midis
* Royalty Free
* 214 WAV loops/stems in total
* 35 Sylenth Presets
* 23 NI Massive Presets
* 30 Spire Presets
* 20 Zebra Presets
* 50 midis
* Mastered and Unmastered versions of all mixdowns of the kits,which should give you a learning direction how it should sound if your kit is mastered.
* Produced by Szilárd Sinka (Composer,Producer,Sound-design)

To use the Sylenth Presets you need Sylenth vst v.2.21 Beta (download info in the pack)

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

• Drum Hits
Progressive House

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